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  • Backup of etcd database in kubernetes

    Kubernetes cluster state is saved in etcd datastore. In the post we are going to see how to take a backup for etcd database in kubernetes cluster.

  • RBAC in kubernetes

    There are 3 elements involved in RBAC. In this post we are going to see how to provide user level access to resources.

  • Upgrading kubernetes cluster master and worker nodes

    This post we are going to discuss how to upgrade the kubernetes cluster, both master and worker nodes. We are going to upgrade a older version v1.15 to v.1.16.

  • Running kubernetes custom scheduler

    Kubernetes cluster have a default scheduler kube-scheduler. If the default scheduler does not suits our requirement we can also create our own scheduler. In the post we will discus how to create multiple scheduler and schedule pods based on different scheduler.

  • Creating static pod in kubernetes

    Static Pods are managed directly by the kubelet daemon on a specific node, without the API server observing them.
    Static pods automatically restarts if it crashes. Static Pods are always bound to one Kubelet on a specific node. In the post we will try creating a static pod and watch the behaviour on delete.