Reducing a logical volume

Downtime is required for reducing a logical volume Step 1: List the logical volume and check the current size. Here i am going to reduce the LV01 to 10G from the current size 30GB [root@server1 ~]# lvs LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert LV01 VG01 […]

Extending a logical volume

Logical volume can be extended on the fly without any downtime Step 1: List the logical volume and check the current size. Here i am going to extend the LV01 to 30G by adding 5Gb to the current size 25GB [root@server1 ~]# lvs LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% […]

LVM Basics

Logical volume manger provides flexibilty to the system administrator to manage storage volumes. Storage volumes created under LVM can be resized,moved on the fly. There are 2 versions of LVM in linux – LVM 2 – LVM 1 LVM Architecture: Types of LVM -linear volumes -striped volumes -mirrored volumes   […]

Bike trip to Goa 5

Someone said “Happiness is a path, not a destination” and I know its true when i started to travel places in bike.Here is some of the pics from my bike trip to Goa.

Disable notification for nrpe socket timeout – nagios 1

Monitoring the servers health status and services is one of the important task for every system administrator.Some of the widely used tool are nagios,MRTG,cacti,Zabbix and many more. Recently i started working on nagios . In my previous post i explained python script for checking time in different timezone. This post […]

timezone converter 1

Recently i started working on monitoring tools like nagios and op5. My work mostly involves creating plugins to monitor different applications running in our environment. Some of the application runs on both Linux and windows , so i decided to write plugins in python language . Although i have experience […]

oVirt Virtualization – part 1

oVirt is a virtualization management application. Mostly used to manage KVM hypervisors,storage(glusterfs),network etc. RHEV-M is a customized version of oVirt, released by Redhat for enterprise level support.Some of the features of oVirt includes Live migration of VMs from one hypervisor to another snapshot for VM’s Template creation Quotas for resources […]