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Removing a physical volume

3 cases for removing the physical volume   ¬†If PFree and Psize are equal which means the physical volume don’t have any data in it , so we can directly remove the physical volume from the volume group by vgreduce and then remove the physical volume by pvremove.¬†Example in the […]

Extending a volume group

Size of volume group can be extended by adding more physical volume to the group. No downtime is required for extending a volume group Step 1: Creating a physical volume [root@server1 ~]# pvcreate /dev/sdf Physical volume “/dev/sdf” successfully created [root@server1 ~]# pvs PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree /dev/sdb VG01 […]

Creating a logical volume

Architecture : Step 1: Creating physical volume Following disk will be used to create the logical volume /dev/sdb – 10GB /dev/sdc – 10GB /dev/sdd – 10GB /dev/sde – 10GB [root@server1 ~]# fdisk -l |grep “Disk /dev/” Disk /dev/sda: 21.5 GB, 21474836480 bytes, 41943040 sectors Disk /dev/sdb: 10.7 GB, 10737418240 bytes, […]

Extending a logical volume

Logical volume can be extended on the fly without any downtime Step 1: List the logical volume and check the current size. Here i am going to extend the LV01 to 30G by adding 5Gb to the current size 25GB [root@server1 ~]# lvs LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% […]

LVM Basics

Logical volume manger provides flexibilty to the system administrator to manage storage volumes. Storage volumes created under LVM can be resized,moved on the fly. There are 2 versions of LVM in linux – LVM 2 – LVM 1 LVM Architecture: Types of LVM -linear volumes -striped volumes -mirrored volumes   […]